Our Services

North Lake covers your events with a dedicated team
that supports end-to-end and 24/7.

We help you with event preparation, execution, and follow-up.

Travel Arrangements

We help you identify, plan for, and book international and domestic air travel, local ground transport, and accommodations for local and international guests.

  • Book Air Travel
  • Local Ground Transport
  • Accommodations


We help you determine the appropriate space for your events and needs, whether it is a full conference venue, individual ballrooms and conference rooms, and office space for your team to keep working while traveling.

  • Full Conference Venue
  • Individual Ballrooms
  • Office Space

Event and Materials Design

Instead of traveling heavy with event-related materials, we help you make your event look perfect with expert document design and printing, venue decoration services, and event materials design.

  • Document Design and Printing
  • Venue Decoration
  • Event Materials Design


We help you organize refreshments, coffee breaks, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners for all your events and meetings.

  • Refreshments, Coffee Breaks
  • Breakfasts, Lunches
  • Snacks, Dinners


We support in planning team-wide and organization-wide outings and entertainment, including restaurant arrangements, cultural outings, and other activities.

  • Restaurant Arrangements
  • Cultural Outings
  • Other Activities

Financial, Accounting, and Payments

We can help you plan your event budgets, and we can also manage the Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) accounting for United Nations and similar agencies, and other types of Per Diem accounting for international organizations.

  • Daily Subsistence Allowance
  • Per Diem Accounting


We are Iraq’s translation experts. For meetings, we offer expert simultaneous, consecutive, or individual translation. We translate documents in multiple languages, and can provide consultative translation support as well.

  • Consecutive Translation
  • Individual Translation
  • Documents Translation
  • Consultative Translation Support

North Lake is ready to support events for any kind of organization:

  • Board or employee meetings & retreats
  • Corporate celebrations
  • Brand launches
  • Client Appreciation events
  • Educational or informational client events
  • Annual general meetings
  • Annual conference, conventions or symposiums
  • Educational seminars
  • Informational sessions
  • Industry trade shows
  • Inter-agency meetings
  • Senior official gatherings
  • Diplomatic meetings
Nonprofit / NGO
  • Multi- or Single Agency Workshops, Trainings, Meetings, and Conferences
  •  Fundraising events
  • Program kickoffs
  • Academic conferences
  • Educational seminars
  • Informational sessions

We have a wide range of services, we can support a wide range of organizations and clients, our team is dynamic and professional, and we have state-of-the-art translation equipment. But what has set NorthLake apart from any other company in Iraq is our commitment to client and customer service. We always go the distance for our clients, and you can count on NorthLake to get your events done right the first time, every time.

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